Sometimes I wonder if the definition of a Nigeria celebrity is a young man or a lady with a love child (those that do not have should just forgive me). A definition I have been studying since I was a kid till this moment and everyone should just forgive me if I say that this definition has been proven right.

Celebrities should not just be known as people with volatile marriages that blow to the two parties into two single pieces but a group of popular Nigerians whom when majority are investigated will surely be found having at least one child out of wedlock.
Even when they male end up marrying most of their baby mamas, it does not go well with females who end up as single mothers (A perfect example is Omawumi).
Just like Isaac Newton is called the ‘Father of Physics’, our own Tuface Idibia is the ‘Father Love children’ having acquired six of them before marriage, and even after marriage, he still has five of them outside his marriage, a busy schedule for the former MTV Base African Music Awards winner who must attend all five birthdays every year if he must be a good father.
Ice Prince is not left out on the list and recently, Paul and Peter of P-Square have really shown they are twins be squaring things in their love children collection after Anita put to bed for Paul recently.
Timaya was proud to post a picture of him feeding his child and people were congratulating them, and so many wishing to be like them.
Previously on the list were, Bukky Wright, Segun Arinze, Richard Mofe –Damijo, Moji Olaiya and Regina Askia, a list most people would consider old school, and a group who were also criticized by the press for this act because then we still had our moral lesson text books on the shelves.
Now the books are gone, we have totally forgotten that these celebrities are having children out of wedlock, something we used to see as an abomination.
The worst part of is that some men of God would be fighting to be the one to dedicate these children because their parents are rich. Hope they will remember to preach against premarital sex that day, because if they don’t, that would surely be a case they will answer before God.
What have we become? How come our role models find it difficult to be a models atleast?
They play a role which when modified for the future will see so many of them moving towards dethroning the current title holder Tuface Idibia.
Nigerians must speak out like people with morals and good foundation, because I am so sure that the wind of civilization has not totally blown us away.
Our role models have failed us, and in years to come, I wonder who will apologize for what our children will become.
Abstinence should be preached among entertainers and in any way they can, they should know that a lot of kids are looking up to them.
The making of a better Nigeria does not only lie on the politicians whom everyone is believed to be holding back our allocation, but we need youths with sound minds, people who can stand out with good morals and not people who are proud to celebrate wrongs.
Having a child out of wedlock is wrong therefore celebrating it is wrong.

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