The much publicized Star Nite came alive at Velencia Lounge on the night of the last day of February with good performances from artistes within the state.
The following artistes were billed to perform:
Musicians: Kokoma, Derb J, XP Joe, 2Blac, Femilarge, E Black, XBusta, Harmony, Profinga, Seaflo, Lo-Key, BreezyKool, CyndyO and MsZoe.
Dancers: Eva, Flipmode and Cypha, Healing Stream Dance Crew and Jwolves.
Comedians: MC Ominimini and Mc Banana Mouth


Anchor: Real Player.
Only Femilarge, CyndyO, Harmony, and MsZoe did not go stage at the event. While others were absent, MsZoe was present glowing at the red carpet with other artistes.
There were additional performances from Vivada, who performed Mama me, Divinci performed with E-Black, Reflex with Seaflo and De M was also on stage aside the names on the official list.
According to the man behind the event Deejay Saquo, he had doubts if the event would be a success especially when he was seeing few people at the starting time of 7:00 pm.
“I was almost going to cry because I and other people that have worked with me to see that the event was a success had invested so much on the event.
There were few people there and that wasn’t the kind of crowd I expected, but after few minutes, it looked like everyone was coming from the same house and the whole place was filled with people.  Instantly my mood changed and I was ready to enjoy myself again”
Aside the artistes on the list, Acharaman, Vivida, LMG, Di Cacci, Art Ready, Kozy, Kenny C, Yugo, Zona, Nani bars, Big Slai, Rush Woque and others were present, while producers like Kasablanka, Aizbag, Yung Roc, Benny Joe, Serge Mix and others were equally present.
Others are DJs 316, Tempex, Greg, Timberland, Cruz, and Chucky while comedians Prince White and Laffin Gas were also present amongst others.
The event saw the cutting of two cakes, one being the office Star Nite cake which was cut by Deejay Saquo alongside producers at the event, while the second was by X-busta who marked his birthday on the previous day.
Another side event was the giving out of the #StarNite #Otowngist T-shirt to the winner of the Star Nite quiz on twitter by the O’town Gist crew.

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The only live performance of the night came from Di Cacci, who performed a single he was to drop on sunday, giving the event a great colour of talents with great future.
So many artistes expressed their feelings for the event which majority claimed was a huge success. One of such is Acharaman, who hailed the efforts of Deejay Saquo and everyone that worked with him to achieve the success, urging them to see that the next edition sees more improvement.
“There was an earlier rumour that I won’t be attending the event, I laughed when I heard it because I know it was coming from people who do not have the general good of the town at heart.
Star Nite is a wonderful event and we all should believe in the organizers and support it” he added.
Aside the huge publicity the event will be getting which include coverage by websites, radio station, TV stations (Orient TV’s Otown Magic and CTL Africa), Youtube broadcasts, there was also a live twitter broadcast of texts and pictures via the official twitter handle @StarNiteNg and other people who chose to do so, making the event one of its kind.
Although much has been achieved at this event, the organizers still need to do more to see that the event grows to what neighbouring cities will envy.
The CEO of Valencia Lounge and Resorts, Ambassador Paul hailed the effort of the organizers, artistes and everyone who supported the event, saying that he is privileged to play host to such a historical event.


Healing Stream Dance Crew


O’town Gist crew



Hardy and Ugochi


Saquo speaking before the cutting of the cake

cutting of the Star Nite Cake

Saquo jubilation after the cake was cut

Real P

Flipmode and Cypha

Pluto, Saquo and O’town Gist crew

Dicinci and E-Black


Banana Mouth

De M


Di Cacci and friend

XP Joe

Acharaman, Hardy, BennyJo


Acharaman, Seaflo, Reflex, 2black


Xbusta cutting his cake