29 years of Marital Bliss

Deborah Uzoma

Happy 29th Marriage Anniversary Dad and Mum.
Being the progenitors of
my siblings and I was made
possible by Almighty God
to Him alone be all the glory.

Dad and Mum,
In this journey of yours
I have witness pitfalls
of life,
Seen both of you wither through storms
And navigate
through the contours of nature.

This bliss from 9th October ‘93 had colorful moments shared with families and friends .
Days of agonies and tribulations.
Beautiful scenes where you played as children even as adults,
to the enjoyment of your children
and your
sons &daughters
in the Lord.

In this 29years of Marital Bliss,
Each season comes with its own storyline.
Together, we have pressed in
moments of strife
and denial of rights.
In the Maker’s infinite mercies,
We’ve travailed as Family
we are more than conquerors
that’s the Victory &heritage
we have
in Christ Jesus.

Dad and Mum,
I can hear loudly the drummers beats.
From afar, I sight the dancers troupe.
oh! I feel within my Spirit the Angelic voices of Heaven
rejoicing for you.
Your sons and daughters across the universe are
in awe of your progress.
Kings and Nations have risen to celebrate your glory.

My Dear Parents,
Greatly, rejoice in every moment.
Kiss away every grieve,
count the loss no more.
Your giant strides in God’s Kingdom will not go unrewarded.
Your paymaster is a Just Being,
who rewards in due time.
Happy Anniversary my first audio bibles
in human version.
Welcome to a new chapter of your lives,
Look forward to the beautiful things God Has done .✅
May your dreams never die.
You shall live to see your Children’s Children till your fourth generation,
Until your
Maker calls you home.
Congratulations !

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