The concept of artistes’ night is not new in the country any more. Various states have their versions bearing different names, while the most popular still remains that of  Lagos state which bears the name Industry Nite.
Owerri has made her first attempt, although when the number of plans for the event is counted, one would just realize that so many people had plans to starting a similar event, but never got to the level of executing them.
Mr Austin Uzor surely made that first move that shook the town; many embraced the package from the TFonly man, while some other artistes whom the concept of O’town Artistes’ Night seemed vague to, stayed away from the event probably waiting to see when the coast will be clear for them to join.


Although one might not be completely right to say that TFonly failed in all their promises to the artistes, but the event did not live up to the standards the organizers promised at the beginning.
Months after the death or eventual fading of the event, another has been born, this time with nothing different with the basic concept of the former event, yet a brand new event in a world of its own, packaged like none other has been.
Star Night took off on the ground where O’town Artistes’ Night crashed, seeing that all the lapses which made people lose confidence on the organizers of the previous event is taken care of.
Star Nite has the following to cover the lost grounds:
1.  The other event would pin all performances for the night down to music, but Star Nite has music, dance and comedy, covering the basics of entertainment around this part of the world.
2.  Although one man started the entire movement, he did not go ahead to plan it alone, he rather put down his card on the table for the same people who would watch he fail to bring their ideas. On this area, event planners and other people who are experience d in organizing an entertainment event came together to put down a Titanic structure which so transparent that everyone could dictate the next move when it starts rolling. In that case nothing is hidden from anyone.
3.  One important thing O’town Artistes’ Night missed was media coverage, since the coverage it got was based on the individual efforts of the artistes, but  Star Nite is  partnership with the top blogs in the state, such as, ,, and others yet to join the family,  something only a real entertainer can understand its value. Aside the blogs, Star Nite will be talked about in radio stations within the state and beyond, while the video clips will been shown in TV stations in the state.
It is likely to be the first reoccurring entertainment event in the state to receive coverage on a site light Television, while a Youtube channel is already down to broadcast to the online community.
This has beaten what I call the first commandment of showbiz “Do not mess with the media”
4.  Star Night will have most of the activities on the event preplanned, unlike what has been seen previously where artistes submit their CDs minutes before their performance. In that case, the CDs will reach the people in charge at least a good number of hours before the event or event days before the event. To this effect, there will be a collation point as well an email address dedicated to receiving songs especially from artistes who are not in Owerri within the time of submission.
5.  Songs and artistes will be screened before they can get on the show, and this will be done before the show, unlike before when artistes just walk on stage with the organizers knowing little or nothing about them. This will be done by top producers in the state in conjunction with some Djs and bloggers.
6.  With all these plans down to make Star Nite special, the event still has a standard contact and feedback system, employing the most used systems in Showbiz which include facebook, twitter, and blackberry messenger.
On February 28, 2013, the first edition of the event will come live to the people of Imo State at the open arena of Valencia Lounge Owerri, with a promise of being something none has even seen.
Star Nite is an event every entertainer should support, it has been packaged to celebrate entertainers in the state, and the facilitator, Deejay Saquo has promised that it will not be a promise and fail thing like the state has been witnessing.
Star Nite is a world of its own and has not come to kill ideas of anyone who has previously dreamt or tried something in that line, but it has come to bring out the best in the entertainers in our great state and beyond.
Stay connected to Star Nite, follow on twitter via @starniteng or add pin 23432430.

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