Producer Aizbag did not stay away from the news on valentine day as he chose it to release a single titled Airie.
Aizbag who said the single is not his first, claimed that singing will never be something new to him, but something has been doing and something he will always do alongside producing.
“I’ve been singing for a while now, I have my singles out there as well as some collabos with other artistes”

He went ahead to say that the lyrics of the song was motivated by someone he met online and declared that even though the song was meant for everyone to listen to, he is dedicating it to the same person who gave birth to the inspiration of the lyrics.
“The song is talking about how we met and the feeling we share, something that is wort sharing with everyone on this great track”
Many will be surprise to see Aizbag doing a love song, but you’ll never know, at least Kery Hilson said it that ‘sometimes love comes around, and knocks you down’.
Maybe someone is knocking this tough producer down. We hope he can summon enough courage to report her to his parents and pastor.
Could it be that Airie is the name of the….? Aizbag still has more questions to answer.

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Download Airie by Aizbag