Sparkle has put down her vocal power to release her second official single toady, February 26, 2012 which is also her birthday.
The single titled ‘No one’ was nothing short from what she promised in her last interview where she said “it’s a special day in my life and a lot of people have really helped me in so many ways and I want to appreciate someone special to me with the song”

But the twist is that ‘No one’ turned out to be a gospel track where Sparkle decided testify the goodness of God in her life.
“From day to day, from night to night, I’m filled with Your awesome grace. In all my life I’ll testify the wonders of Your mighty hands” goes the lyrics of the track.
Sparkle who has been on music break for a while defended her return with a gospel track saying that any beginning with God is always a perfect beginning.
“You can’t imagine what God has done for me so far. The life I’m living, the talent, my family and friends have been preserved by God, is that not worth singing for? I believe that ‘No one is a perfect song to testify His goodness and beside these reasons, I’ve also been a gospel artiste before I took a short break and doing gospel will never be new to me.”There will always be a packet of surprise in any song Sparkle will be releasing because she would be varying her genre just like she said in her last interview.
Her voice in her last single ‘Holiday baby’ and ‘no one’ has made some online entertainment websites and blogs refer to her as the best female vocalist in South East.

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