Romy with a different determination is set to release a fresh single after other songs that have made waves.
The Imo State born rapper who has been on the low said he is now taking music from a different perspective and is determined to make something out of it.
“Some people will think the single I’m about to release is my first, but I’ve been there all these whiles doing music in a way that was only pleasing me.

I just wanted to rap on a beat because I have the talent. Sometimes I feel like rhymes and lines are haunting me and the only thing to do is spit it out on a good beat and that I have been doing for a while now.”
Romy confessed that although he already had two singles released officially, he has only gone on stage ones on valentine day.
“I have a brand new heart and mind for music, and this time I want to step out like a musician, have my songs playing on radio stations as well as in homes and events. I want to do good promotions and also take my act on stage.
I never believed that going on stage was my thing because I just wanted to do music, relax and watch people talk about me, but a different spirit has taken over me”
Several success stories in town and around the country has motivated Romy to step up in his game and he still believes that even though lots of people are doing music in the country presently, the industry is still a virgin ground for anyone to succed.
“I believe in the talent I have, I believe in everyone that is working with me and I also believe that God will see through this hustle called music” He added.
‘Only one’ Which is Romy’s third single featured C2C and was produced by Zikay. The song will be released online on Saturday, March 2, 2013

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