Regiz and LMG

Artistes cum producers duo LMG and Regizbeats are battling it out over the name ‘Regis’ which LMG is also using.
According to LMG who we were able to reach, he realized what was happened when a fellow artiste queried him on BBM for using that name.
Since then, he has become aware of the issue which according to him is known to most artistes that hang out or work with him or Regiz.


“My name is Onwudiwe Regis and I don’t see any reason why I should abandon my name because someone else bears the name. We are two different people and I have never felt threatened by his presence in the industry, so why is he threatened by mine?”
LMG has been going with the name LMG (Last Man Grinding), but on facebook he uses Onwudiwe LMG Regis and on twitter he uses @lmg_regis.
His activeness on major social networking sites has made people think he is Regiz, whose real name is Regiz Ogbonna Akagha and @regizbeats on twitter.
Regiz has been in the picture of Imo State music industry before LMG who is fast rising, proving a point of talent and quality with a a mixtape titled DISINFECTANT, which dropped on December 10, 2012 with a phenomenal hit single Mbo.
An artiste who chose to be anonymous advised both parties to manage the conflict very to avoid it turning into war, since both of them have their studios just few blocks away from each other.
LMG also alleged that aside calls and discussions about him with other people in the industry, Regiz has confronted him, calling him a fraudster.
“He said I’m using his name to shine, calling me a useless boy and promised to deal with me, i have not made a single statement till this moment and can only act when i think i have hit the wall enough to bounce back”
Although some people confirmed LMG’s story, effort to reach Regiz proved abortive and we promise to get you his own side of the story as soon as possible.

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