The Imo State chapter of Performing Musicians Employee Association of Nigeria, (PMAN) was not left out in the new-year resolution business; they have taken a great step to see that 2013 is a perfect year for them.
Imo PMAN, an association whose presence has not been felt in recent years, wants to ensure that it makes up for the lost years by picking resolutions from their last meeting in December 2012 as new year resolution.
A statement signed by the secretary of the group, Gravey Okorie (Ben Gravey), urged artistes in the state to wake up and join the only legitimate body that can help them achieve their dreams.


Sequel to their previous warning to impostors, the group said that they will not discriminate against individuals or groups who have fallen short in the codes establishing PMAN previously, but called for unity, love and harmony among artistes in the state as they step into another music year of 2013.
Below are the resolutions:
1. To inaugurate one indivisible PMAN chapter in Imo state.
2. Extend hands of fellowship to other musicians in the state to join without discrimination.
2. Correct the erroneous impression within the state that our musicians are not good enough for state functions.
3. Join forces with the state government to provide employment to our youths through music and entertainment in general.
4. Establish a trust fund to support the music industry in imo state.
5. Set a moral standard for all musicians in the state to encourage good behavior amongst them and also in the public.
6. Check and sensor vulgar lyrical contents in all songs recorded in by musicians in the state.
6. Set up a committee to raise funds for standard sound reinforcement equipment for the use of musicians in the state and others.
7. Set up a training center to take care of all musical aspects.
8. Pursue through the Imo State House Of Assembly a law to make major event organizers to pay PMAN a certain amount of money if they must use musicians other than those of the state.
9. Organize periodic musical concerts to encourage the younger musicians and fish out talents amongst them.
10. Support and promote good materials from members. With media houses.

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Speaking to the Sole Administrator of the group, Mr Uzor Ogan, the CEO FinalMix Studios, said that he is optimistic about 2013 and believes that everything that has been lost will be recovered this year.
“We know that PMAN has not really been there to help artistes, but we are here now. I believe in the team I am working with as well the quality we have in Imo State. All we need is the grace of God to be with us, nothing is impossible with Him.
I urge everyone to support and respect the codes of PMAN, that’s the only way we can achieve the perfect 2013 we have dreamt of” Ogan said.
Imo PMAN now has the following individuals at the helm of their affairs: Uzor Ogan, Sole Administrator; Assistant Administrator Mr Asbinus (Shanka); Gravey Okorie (Ben Gravey), Secratary; Okuguni Efemena Ferdinand (Reflex Soundz), Assistant Secretary; Obinna Okoro (Acharaman), Publicity Secretary; and Tonnel Avo, Treasurer.
They believe that the presence and commitment of this team as well as other member of the group will see them reclaiming every lost ground.