The beef between LMG and Regiz took a new turn when Regiz finally reacted to LMG’s comment that he (Regiz) threatened LMG to drop his name.
According to Regiz, he never confronted LMG, nor did he threaten him directly, but accepted that some concerned artistes have either called or send LMG messages.
“Am I mad? Why would I? I have no time for them. I have more important things to do in the industry than wasting my time on upcoming artistes who want to use me to become popular.


I can’t beef any artiste in Owerri, I rather beef Chris Brown than somebody that is in no way up to my standard” Regiz said.
“Artistes that contacted him did so just to let him know that what he is doing is wrong. That is impersonation” he added.
Regiz who claimed to be LMG’s superior in the industry said that the juniors should always sacrifice for their seniors if they ever want to grow and thus urged LMG to remove ‘Regis’ from all his names that go public, even when he is aware that LMG is Regis by birth.
“I called Still Bill and asked him why two producers would be bearing the same name in the same city. It’s not fair, let us thing like mature people. Starface had the same problem sometime ago and the younger artiste stepped down for him, if you don’t respect your superiors, how then will you earn your own respect”
One would wonder where the misunderstanding will lead these producers, because none of them will settle for any form of negotiation.
Regiz also spotted that LMG calls himself the “LMG de only begotten Regis’ on twitter and facebook, a name which I am very sure LMG was using around the middle of 2012 when I met him online.
Regiz said he is not threatened by LMG’s presence, but is worried that people are contacting LMG thinking he is the one.
Call it a question of superiority or jealousy only a wise fellow can cub the troubles this might bring in future.
In any way these two brothers can do it, let them make peace.

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