If He made earth without friends
If we had alphabets without ‘F’
For sure, there won’t be fakes and friends
And there won’t you and your smiles.


Your laughter is not the best in the world,
And I know I’m not being sincere now.
Wish we met on Monday, now Wednesday seem so far,
And I wonder what earlier would mean then.

Now he made earth with friends
So many that in life we find many and live,
So few that we miss one and cry,
Wish FAKE is not spelt with ‘F’

If I can own the world a day,
I won’t give you everything; it’ll be unfair to Afghanistan,
But before it’s 12 O’ clock again,
I’ll carve your name on mountains.


Hope you’ll smile for this?
If I’ll lose something like the world forever,
I won’t be sincere that day and forever,
The truth: I won’t give up all.
I’ll hold you back.


When you find a friend.
These are your wishes and gratitude.
 Thank God the world has friends,
Thank English the letters have F
I wish I could own the world a day,
Wish FAKE is not spelt with ‘F’.
Wish friends don’t ever leave.

When you find a friend,
It’s someone like you.