His Excellency,
Owelle Rochas Anayo Okorocha
Executive Governor, Imo State.

Perhaps you have not seen me before, but I see you every day and also read about you on the pages of every newspaper in the state.
For introduction, I am an Imo State based entertainer and my name is ‘All of Us’.
You Excellency, I am talented and know what I am really saying, because people have said it even when they had nothing to gain from me. I am an artiste, dancer, comedian, model, actor/actress, and a promoter. It takes me hard work to stay afloat with all these talents.


Just like you, I want to succeed and I want the whole world to see what I have done, but how can I achieve that when I do not have support from home.
We are aware that you know people all over the country and beyond, but that does not mean that we will suffer for that, because when it is time to vote, we are so aware that only people in this state can vote and that was what we did to see that you become our governor.
Former governor, Chief Ikedi Ohakim brought in Okey Mc Anthony as his SA on Entertainment, forgetting that the man he put in-charge has little or no knowledge of the state he has come to transform. Can a foreigner run a home when the real owners of the house are idle?
It simply means that they will never care if the supposedly true beneficiaries of whatever they have been called on to do get anything. All they do is work with outsiders, and at the end of their tenure, they leave the state for the place they were formally based which will never be Imo State.
They use the name they made at the expense of the Imo State entertainers to live large in places like Lagos and Abuja. In that case what has the state gained? Nothing Your Excellency.
Since you came in, we have never heard of anyone called the SA on Entertainment, does that mean this sector does not mean anything to you? Does that mean that no one in the state is capable of taking charge of this sector that is dying because of negligence? In case you do not know, let me tell you what this has caused the entertainers in the state.
On your birthday, none of us was found worthy enough to have our picture on the event poster, and when certain names were mentioned, all we got was just a call few days to the event. No terms were discussed with us and we even fought with the organizers to perform, which only few of us got the opportunity.
When every money that goes into the entertainment industry of the state is paid into the pockets of artistes who are not based here, how can we pay our tax, how can we grow?
I promise that I will publicly reject any handshake or gift from a government who would want to identify with me, in case I make it on my own.
Must government always be the institution that identifies with award winners? Just like the lady from the Paralympics, who got a car and other gifts, in entertainment we say ‘all na wash’ which simply means lips service. What if she didn’t win, what would she have gotten?
The government is supposed to invest in making stars and not in celebrating stars just like we do in the country today. We need change and that is what you promised us.
Entertainers in other states laugh at me asking me who I expect to pay me when the government of my state cannot give out a dime for my performance in their events. Because of this, other promoters do not take me serious as well.
 We struggle to make money which we use to promote ourselves in radio stations in the state. Even government-owned stations prefer contents from outside the state and they do not talk about us in their news because to them we have nothing to say.
My darling governor, Grand Commander of Free Education, thank you for the free education we now enjoy in the state. My cousin is an undergraduate in Imo State University as well as a musician. He has fears of pursuing his love because of what he is seeing.
He wonders who will pay him after his school fees have been paid.
He is confused now, because music is all he can do very well.
He wants to run to other states just like so many of us have done, but so far he has not taken any decision on where to go, all he does is sit on the bed and ask if this state is ‘cursed’
We know that people identify with success so much, but we have always known you as a builder, and a lover of youths.
Entertainment has employed so many youths in the state and others are still joining, what is the future of these youths who have creative graduates amongst them. Will all of us be engineers and doctors?
Entertainment does not have to be a tool of politicians like it has been before, you just have to do what is right, I have the talents to catch up with others, but need the support to stand strong in their midst.
I know you will read this letter, my darling governor.

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Thank you for acting so soon.

The Unknown Imo Entertainer