Dear Bro. Fuston,
You are just the special one. If you were to be a football coach Jose Morinho will be persuaded to leave that tag “the special one” for you.
I am a student in my second year in the university, aged 23, in love with a pretty babe of 20 years.
We have been in love for two years now, though it is secret because our parents are unaware of our romance.
She is the first girl in my life and so far the only love of my life. She is everything I wanted in a woman. I am also the first man in her life and she has confessed to me her love for me.
She relocated with her parents, two sisters and a brother to London three months ago and since this time it has not been easy with me. I feel something so dear has been taken away from me. I feel a vital part of me is gone.
We talk on facebook and sometimes on the phone and she has assured me that, she will return to work and be with me in Nigeria immediately she is done with her education abroad.
To be honest I have not been comfortable with this arrangement, and to confirm my fears I have not heard from her for some weeks even after leaving numerous messages on her facebook wall.
Can we remain friends with this recent development? I am terribly missing her and hardly could sleep at night because I am always filled with thoughts of our times together.
What help can you give to me regarding my problem?

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Dear Jonathan,
It is not out of place for one to feel the absence of a loved one, it is a normal thing.
But I must tell you that if such feelings impede or interfere in your studies or day-to- day activities, then it becomes dangerous. So you should watch out and be careful not to let mere feelings cost you a life-time opportunity of being what you want to be.
You assuredly could remain friends notwithstanding the fact that she is currently resident in London because distance these days should not be a barrier to you.
Explore the numerous, fast, easy and cheap communication services we have in the world today, but if she is not forth-coming, then I advice you to face your studies squarely so as to emerge the best in your school.
Maybe she needs to concentrate on her studies over there without distractions that come from a relationship, so you must face your own studies too.
If she is a true friend someday she will prove it to you, no matter how long she stays away from you.
Don’t put yourself in the harms’ way by denying yourself good night sleep over a situation that has no negative impact on you.
What is yours will always remain yours so, don’t panic, be still.
Bye bye.