Carol: It’s never a win win situation, nature made it for  man to be the head of a household, Even the Bible says a man that cannot provide for his household is worse than an infidel, A man should be able to pay for wedding expenses, A woman can only do so with mutual agreement and understanding, but the man should at least pay the dowry.


Lizzy: For babes who wants to pay:  Are u prepared to be the bread winner all your marital life, because once you start paying now, you’re making him lazy and unimportant, Will he appreciate you in the long run? Except from exceptionally guys from the moon that will realize your worth and still treat you like the Queen and Angel you’re to his life.
Chinwendu: This is my question to the man, if he agrees with this term then I can pay; do you want power to change hands in your own household? I hope you do not except the sweet honey paying all bills wife of yours to be submissive & respectful to you always, Let’s face facts, are you prepared to wash the kids, prepare the meals, wash & clean the house where she’s out  chasing money?
Goodness: Marriage is a contributing effort of all, Love is never free or cheap, let the two parties work on it and provide for all.
Anabel: A man is a man, no doubt about it, where was he when his entire mate were busy working hard to earn a living?”Heaven help those that help themselves” I will sponsor the wedding, you will pack into my place, when night comes you will want to sleep with me’. Omo it will not be possible.
Marymos: Well if the lady can sponsor the wedding due to the financial insolvent of the guy at that point in time, there is nothing bad about it but such a guy should be an individual that has a future and prospect if not, she will continue footing bills even after the wedding. Even in law there are exceptions. Yes I could sponsor my own wedding, but whether I would is another thing entirely.
Lois: Wouldn’t even bother getting married to him, what hope is there for the actual marriage if he can’t contribute to the wedding itself? No guy better even discuss wedding plans with me, if he cannot foot 50% of the bill let him forget me.
Mercy:  If I were in that position and the biological clock was ticking that desperation ‘catch me say 40 years or above’, I may consider sponsoring the wedding but the man must be younger in age at least by 10 years. If I’m marrying him, I want one with very little mileage on his odometer grin.
Rose: I understand that some women would rather have a “financially comfortable” husband, who would sponsor the wedding and foot the bills, but I don’t see how one being poor makes a guy less of a man. It’s like saying that people deserve respect/love based on the number of  their bank account, and I can’t stand this materialistic mentality, man who is not financially able to contribute at least 60% of his wedding cost is not fit for the marriage at that particular point in time. Sentiment and emotions apart.
Blessing: He is not mature for marriage.
I have seen instances where the guy contributes something, but the in-laws maybe wealthier would double it or more to ensure their daughter had a desired wedding.
Faith: Marriage is a contributing effort of all, Love is never free or cheap, let the two parties work on it and provide for all, I personally forbid such for my life. But come to think of it, if a man would desire to be addressed as such, then he has to stick to it till death. Planning / footing wedding expenses cannot be left out of his personal characteristics
Secondly, I have seen cases where the woman foots the bill (with the man also involved in certain key issues). If you truly and sincerely love the guy and sincerely desire to settle down together with the fear of losing the love of her life  (and the guy not having much on himself), then I don’t see any reason why she should not (if she so desires to).
But there is always a future repercussion (this has to do with the woman), if she is the type that is of questionable character, she will someday (in the future) remind the man of the fact that he can be proud to call himself a (husband) because she made it possible (a little quarrel could spring-up that sort of reminder), which could make the man feel uncomfortable and inferior (in his own matrimonial home)
In conclusion for now, I would advice that the man shoulders the responsibilities to avoid matters arising in the future. After all, the Bible said it all “he who finds a wife, finds a good thing and obtains favor from the LORD”. I believe that if the intention behind two people coming together to become one is set and built on the principles of GOD, He will make available all that you will  need to make your wedding dreams a reality – before and after the wedding which is the ultimate.
Chika: Seriously I can use my last card to sponsor my wedding, it’s a two way thing, and so both should join hands and make it a success.
Joy: I can’t marry a poor man in the first place, that is a memorable day so my hubby should make it worth it, and after the wedding I can start assisting him financially.
Amanda: I can sponsor my wedding because if my hubby doses it alone it will be very dry and the stress will be too much on him, I wouldn’t want him to be stressed up so as to look sharp on the D-day.

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