Let my hearty pleadings and royal greetings be pleasant to you, amiable brother Fuston. To be candid with you, your advice to troubled relationships has really made me to be a regular reader of Nigeria Newspoint. I say kudos to you for your incomparable, reasonable, touching, awesome and quintessential instructions which are always Biblical and proverbial. For sure, it is obvious that your unbiased help is mainly for those having relationship problems, but I guess that my current problem is greater than those, because it’s all about my future. Consider me for this if you do not mind. I am a guy in my late 20s, am sure that am brilliant, intelligent and reasonable and people love me because they say that am funny, I am a reasonable person who loves debating. From infancy I had dreamt of studying Medical Laboratory Science and starting from my kindergarten school level to my ‘O’ level, I have never taken 3rd position but mainly 1st and few times 2nd working very hard through all avenues to actualize my goal, though my dad had on many occasions wanted me to study Building Technology or Civil Engineering because he is an excellent builder, but I have turned these idea down because I had never cherished those courses. The greatest surprise of my life befell me when my lovely brother whom my hope of becoming a graduate have been relying on started forcing me very recently to study a course I had never dreamt of studying. ELECTRICAL/ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING. I tried my best to convince him but my efforts were futile. He went ahead and applied for UTME test in my name. With tears, I went planning to fail myself but guess what? I unfortunately made it and he has been jubilating on this, now my name is out for admission, since hearing this bad-but-good-to-others news, my world is rapidly turning around, am no longer myself, no more eating well, no more sleeping well, and in poor health, please which step should I take and which road should I follow, because he is about to pay the acceptance fee in one of the famous Federal Polytechnics in Nigeria. Should I damn that course and wait till my dream is achieved? Or should I go on with this unwanted course? Let me urgently hear from your reasonable advice for a reasonable and final decision.

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Obioma from country 5

Dear Obioma,

It is always good for parents or guardians to allow their wards choose a course of study in the university.


I am of this opinion because the ward knows where his passion lies.

Why is your brother bent on seeing you study Electrical/Electronics Engineering?

Did you give him reasons why you want to study Medical Laboratory Science? Answers to these questions would have provided further insight into your issue.

I will not advise you to pursue a course you have no passion for. It will amount to loss of resources and man-power.

It is clear that you will not go into that discipline with the required zeal and by the end of the day waste time that should have been put into proper use.


I think you have not articulated good reasons to convince your brother, your benefactor on why you intend to read Medical Laboratory Science. Invite any person your brother respects to mediate in this matter if you think you have done enough to convince him, and he remains adamant.

Do not abandon your dream, follow it and do not let anything stop you.

Since you trust yourself that your best will be maximized if you study Medical Laboratory Science then you should not relent. There must be a way out. Seek for that way out and you shall have victory. Stop feeling dejected, eat well so as to think well, a hungry man is an angry man and an angry man hardly engages in the right act.

Prayer works wonder, because this is about what you love and your future. I suggest you pray more, if possible fast, definitely you by so doing will smile again.