Hello Bro Fuston,


I have seen how you handle problems, may God keep on giving you such wisdom to continue to do this good work. My name is Eboh Stanley from Lowal, Ihitte Uboma Imo State.

I have a friend, who I know is an outcast from her family background. But I persisted in dating her because she is mature. She is naturally beautiful and has a good character which was the main thing that attracted me.

When we started I thought she will never love me, but as we proceeded she fell in love with me to an extent that she could not stay a day without visiting me.

I love this girl and she loves me more than I do, I don’t want to drop her, because she is a good wife material. The problem now is that she is an outcast. My family and community avoid such people so much.


What do you want me to do to keep her for my future aim? Dropping her is like dropping gold in search of stone. I need your assistance.


Eboh Stanley,

Ihitte Uboma


Dear Stanley,

It is important to tell you that you must change something about your thinking.

Why do you consider fellow human beings created the same way you were created as outcasts. No one is created by God as an outcast.

It is only when you understand that every human being is made equal that you could overcome this obstacle created by man.

The Osu caste system exists only in Igbo land. Looking at it critically, you will discover that those that advance this devilish culture cast aspersions on the Igbo race. This is so because those regarded as outcast (inferior) are Igbo people and when a part of a whole is enslaved then the whole is not free.

Your understanding of this fact will help you politely convince your family and community about this obnoxious tradition being practiced in your place.

Ask yourself what natural gift or endowment those that see themselves as free-born possess that those addressed as outcaste do not have.

The so-called outcasts beat the so-called free born in academics and other ventures.

Don’t make the mistake of dropping this gold you have in your hand.

You have said that she is intelligent and a wife material. So my advice is that you go for what you love, good enough she loves you too.

Try and convince your family on the need for them to support your plan of marrying the girl.

You can seek the help of a respected clergy man to help you convince your family. Take care.

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