Following the unending problems that frequently occur between mothers in-law and their daughters in-law in marriage, most unmarried ladies prefer to get married to guys whose mothers are dead.
These problems that exist in must homes analysts say are because of lack of consent between  mothers and their sons before getting married to their wives.
Based on the subsisting mos-understanding before the girl is married into a given family, a social commentator says that there is nothing the girl will do that will please the mother in-law.


Others say that due to the quest for some ladies to dictate and keep their mother in-laws at the back-yard in their families, troubles on top of trouble eminent.
Generally there is contrary opinion which posits that there are homes in which mothers-in-law and daughters in-law are best of friends. They behave like mother and daughter and share things in common.
We went around the town to hear from some married and unmarried ladies.
They have these to say:
Nkechi: who is an undergraduate of Mass Communication in Imo State University Owerri, says that she won’t wish her mother-in-law to be dead because it is obnoxious.
“The woman I will wish dead is a human being like myself. Moreover she is a mother to people. Like myself, I love my mum so dear that I don’t think bad about other peoples mothers. “What I am praying is for God to give me a mother-in-law that will understand and take me like her own daughter”, “my sister, “the usual problems that erupt between mothers-in-law and their sons wives are lack of understanding and communication”, but I pray God evryday to give a loving and caring mother-in-law like my mother.
She went on to enthuse that her mother accommodates her brother’s wife more than herself.
Lynda: a 27 year old graduate of Accountancy married with two kids says though her mother-in-law is dead but they lived happily while she was alive.
My dear, you have just reminded me of my sweet mother-in-law.  Let me tell you “my mother-in-law was the best you can think of”, she was every woman dream for marriage. She went further to expatiate that any women who wish to have a dead mother-in-law is barbaric and do not deserve to live. “do you know that it is even sin for anybody to wish dead  to fellow human being?”, “any girl who wishes her mother-in-law death will definitely will not live to be mother-in-law to any-body in future, that is the law of nature.”, she concluded.
But for Ifeoma an Owerri based business Lady is firm that she would want to get married to any man that is motherless.
Ifeoma: said that she was not ready to face the problems associated with mother-in-law in her own home. “Their troubles are enormous my dear, I would wish to have no mother-in-law in my matrimonial home. She opined that the hell her brother’s wife goes through in her mother’s hand is daunting. She confessed that though there was misunderstanding between her brother and mother before her brother finally got married to her. Since then the heaven has been let loosed. Every thing the girl does is not right in the eyes of her mother based on this it has been one problem or the other between her brother’s wife and her mother. They don’t agree on any issue. So because of this Ifeoma won’t want to get married to any guy whose mother is alive.
Jane: Ordinarily my sister, I don’t wish anybody dead but on my own if you ask me I would want to get married to a motherless guy. I don’t have any reason honestly but you, I feel it is better not to have a mother-in-law.
Cynthia: I will only wish a mother-in-law that is wicked death before my arrival because I can’t cope with a wicked mother-in-law. God forbid, in a situation where maybe I didn’t get pregnant on time, he will want me out of her son’s house or better still impose a wife on the son.
Peace: Honestly I wouldn’t wish my mother-in-law death because I no my mum some day will be one, so any thing I wish for another women definitely will come back to her, but I will advice any mothers to take their daughters-in-law as their own daughters so that way ladies will stop wishing them death.
Adanna: there are mothers-in-law that are good. My sister’s own for example, can you believe that her mother-in-law buys her cloth? gives her money? Even go as far as bringing cooked food for her from the village to town where they reside? So who will wish such a mother-in-law death
Which ever divide you are, the most important lesson to learn is that it is Biblical wrong for any body to wish his or her fellow human  to be dead
What matters so much is bosom marital relationships not troubles and rancour.
But for me it is barbaric and share inhumanity for any girl to wish her mother-in-law to be dead.
Mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law should respect themselves. While daughters-in-law should respect their mothers-in-law as the same way the will respect their own mothers, mother-in-laws should also respect themselves by giving their sons breathing space in their home.
But I believe that good homes where peace reigns supreme between everybody is wonderful.
Have a nice weekend. God bless you.