Music producer Reflex Soundz like most of his colleagues in and outside the country is making his debut into the music world on the other side of the microphone with the proposed ‘producer mixtape’ titled ‘The Alternative’


In a statement signed by the producer who recently broke up with Big Chance and Cyphatyte in their PMJM venture, he said “my mission is to keep good music alive, this is not my first time of singing, but I want to make it official now. I don’t have plans of becoming a performing artiste, but this is another way of exploring other options in music”

The statement follows the release of the first single from the mixtape titled ‘Gbawa Arabanko’ featuring the tikolo crooner, Seaflo. In the song Seaflo did most of the singing and one will wonder why he was featured in the song.

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“This is  producer mixtape not an album. Other artistes will do most of the singing, while I man the sounds with a little vocal. Mine will be different from other producer who have turned to performing artistes. This mixtape will bring out my flexibility and that of any artiste I will choose to work with. The songs will be registered under my label and Orange room is the executive producer of the mixtape”

Reflex has been mute since his breakup with Big Chance and Cyphatyte with the promise to come out with something different while Big Chance and Cyphatyte released the release the remiz of Taye Kahinde which they did with Harry Song.

People will wait to see what Big Chance and Cyphatyte will be doing next now that the score board has been leveled between the two parties.

For now it’s all about Reflex Soundz and his ‘Gbawa Arabanko’ single, so get it here.