Twin brothers hip-hop duo Da Otikas has hit back at their critics for one of the rumours surrounding them since they started doing music.


“We were named Paul and Peter before Psquare became famous and can’t see why some people will not mind their business and say what they know”


Recently a fraction of music lovers who are following the duo accused them of being another ‘shadow’ of the renowned twins of Psquare, saying that as long as Da Otikas keep playing ‘shadow’, they will never be known by anyone since they cannot match the current fame the Psquare brothers command.


This has actually been seen in the way Da Otikas dress and the kind of music they do.

“We are aspiring to be like Psquare, but not another Psquare. We are copying them because in music you really need a mentor who you want to follow to the top and Psqare are the perfect people for us.” Da Otikas added

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“They take music serious, with good attitude that is worth copying and that is what we have done. We are copying Psquare’s attitude toward the business of music, not their entire lifestyle and music”

Da Otikas recently release a hit single titled ‘Nkem’ featuring David Jones and the song seem to be different from what they have been doing, making one wonder if they are rebranding. The track provides a slow groovy tempo that is perfect for the rolling lights of a nightclub.

“We are really unique in our world, and we are now out to give the people nothing short of unique tracks. They should expect more of it because Da Otikas are stepping to the top”