Dear Bro Fuston,


Something has been worrying me since I got to know the evil associated to the act my immediate elder brother indulges in.

I have noticed that my brother has never had female friends. Rather, his sexual partners are men and sometimes boys of secondary school age.



He dresses like women, not that he wears complete female attires, but his clothes are usually made to some-how look like that of the women. He weaves his hair and walks like women, often times people laugh at him whenever he is walking along the streets and this makes me sad.

Sometime our family members are the butt of jokes by some people. Neighbours mock us because of him and I feel ashamed walking with him.

He is 39 years and has not done anything to show that he wants to settle down with a woman. He is our only son and my mother cries now and then because he has not shown any sign that he wants to get married and bear his own children.

There is nothing we have not done to make him change from homosexuality, but all has proved abortive.

He is a university graduate and runs a computer shop, so money is not his hindrance in getting a wife because he makes money.


His under garments are usually feminine. We are disturbed in my family. How do we make him see reasons with us and withdraw from this act? How do we make him develop the desire for the opposite sex and settle down with one?

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Our father is late and he is the only hope of the family to keep the name of our father on. Please assist us.


Orlu, Imo State.

Dear Ijeoma,

It is a pity that your only brother has a wrong sexual orientation. It is not usually easy to change this inordinate sexual life because the person involved in this act must first acknowledge the wrong in it and then desire to leave it. That is the first step to changing your brother. Make him understand that homosexuality goes against God’s commandment of making them a man and a woman. It is against the law of procreation.

Making him understand that being gay is a sexual dysfunction and that he needs to jettison that lifestyle is very important and if this is achieved, then the process of rehabilitation will be followed by engaging the services of a psychologist. The process is long and so your family members should exercise patience.

A school of thought believes that homosexuality is a spiritual problem and as such must be addressed spiritually. So I recommend prayers as a panacea to this problem also.

There is nothing prayers cannot do, including changing a homosexual or men having sex with men (MSM). So use prayer in handling this problem.