Dear Bro Fuston,
I have an issue which is threatening my relationship with my heartthrob.
We have known ourselves for three years now and I never knew that she has this problem until recently.


She never accepted to pass the night in my house all this while because of this problem but has always used our not being married as an excuse.
I love her with all my heart and that is why I seek solution to her problem. This disturbs her greatly and sometimes makes her think of committing suicide.
On her own she has done so much to stop this problem, but all efforts proved abortive. Her parents did their best as I was meant to understand too.
I have taken her to four doctors in the last three months to seek solution, but yet none seems to have known the cause of the problem.
The problem is that my girl-friend who is 24 years bed-wets.
Some people said it’s a spell cast on her, others said it will stop when she starts breast-feeding a child. I was also told to wake her up in the middle of every night and that she will stop bed-wetting, if she can wake up to empty her bowl consecutively for 25 days. Those that mention that I should wake her up said if she does empty her bowl for 25 days consistently, she will be used to waking up in the middle of every night to do this on her own.
Some of my friends are discouraging me from marrying her because I intend to, due to her good behaviour and beauty.
I am confused. How can a 24-year-old still bed-wet? It is not as if she bed-wets every night but I noticed that she does this sometimes two times in a week and each time she feels like killing herself.
What do you advise me to do? Drop her? What further help do I render? Please assist us.
Alex lives in Aba.

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Dear Alex,
Dropping her shows no love, there is no problem in the world without solution, so I urge you to be patient and further search for solution over this problem.
It is not usually easy to do this, but for God’s sake and for the love you said you have for her patiently follow her to the end of this problem, since you said that she is of good behaviour, she will be eternally grateful to you.
Tell her that suicide is not an option in seeking a solution to a problem. Anyone who commits suicide will not inherit God’s kingdom. So she should erase that option from her mind.
I suggest that you seek the services of a urologistย  who analyse the problem andย  administer proper treatment.
If you think that a spell is cast on her, then pray, for God listens and attends to the prayers of the oppressed, no matter how long, no matter how difficult if you two can commit this problem wholly to God in prayers solution must surely come.
I also tend to subscribe to the solution of waking her up at the middle of every night, I think it will help. I am aware of the theory that suggests that anything done constantly for 25-30 days will become a habit. Since it will not take anything away from you two, I am of the opinion that you give it a shot and see where it takes you.
You never can tell, it may be the solution you are searching for, combine it with prayers and you will smile.
Don’t drop her please, lend a helping hand and God will bless you but before living under the same roof with her endeavour to pay her bride price.
I will be praying for you people. It is well.ย