Dear Bro Fuston,


I am 19 years old andin the senior secondary school.

I am a virgin and have vowed to remain so till the day I will get into my husband’s house.

I am not an out-going person and have few friends because of the fact that too many friends may lead me into committing fornication.

Sir, to my surprise, each time I walk on the streets, guys will usually stop me and tell me you are beautiful and that they would want to be friendly with me.



I am scared of accepting them as friends because they might lure me to bed.

Recently, I heard that men these days hardly marry virgins, because to them virgins are green-horns and hardly perform well on bed.

Please, I want to know if this is true. Can I accept those guys that stop me for friendship?




Dear Ezionyinye,

You are a rare gem, virginity is being appreciated by reasonable men but debased ones deride it.

The devil will always devise means of castigating any Godly behavior. Don’t be deterred by such castigations because they are packaged to pull you down and make a mockery of you.

Decent men can do everything to keep a virgin as a wife, you have a treasure in your virginity so don’t compromise it.

Your resolve to sustain it till you get married is commendable, God will never leave you unrewarded. There is no way one can sow in a good soil without recording a bumper harvest. Let me tell you that you are sowing on a good soil and surely you must have a man that will respect you for keeping yourself intact for him.

Learn to choose your friends and let not your friends choose you. Those guys asking you to be their friends, who are they? Are they Godly? Do they have questionable character? If you must make friends, you must be wise to know who will not mislead you, remember evil communication smears good behaviour. Take care.

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