Dear Fuston,


I have a love affair with a serving government official in Imo State. I have in my kitty his names, portfolio, marital status, LGA and almost every thing about him.

He is very stingy and miserly but that has never been my problem with him, my annoyance is his recent wicked treatment meted to me and I am looking for a way to pay him back in his own coin.

His position is getting into his head, he thinks me to be a common prostitute and because he believes he has the police and a level of control in government, he can treat me any how and get away with it.

I have authoritatively gathered that he is very randy but finds it hard to part with money after having a fill of his inordinate sexual urge, which is the main reason girls like me go after men of his likes.


How can a man of his standing descend so low to order his aides to beat me up after feasting on my body for one complete month?

The idea of coming to his hotel room with a video camera came after he slashed the amount he agreed to pay me the first time I serviced him for a week. He promised to pay the balance the previous day but it is up to two months yet he has not paid the money.

I purposely took the camera along when he invited me through one of his aides just to extort money from him but his recent action has kept me thinking on what to do.

He reneged totally from the agreed sum after keeping me out of business for one whole month, not only did he not pay me, he resorted to beating and abusing me when I insisted that my money must be paid completely.

I do not want to get any money from him again even if he gives me his entire salary for the number of years he will be in office, I am not interested anymore.


All I want now is to make him shed tears like he did to me, some of the babes that I hussle with have come up with the idea of wasting him which we can conveniently organize and execute but it is not in my blood to waste other people’s lives.

I have on tape the entire activities with him in that hotel room, I want to release it to the press or place it on my face-book wall.

I want him to know that I am the one tormenting him and wouldn’t want to use a surrogate, but my greatest challenge now is that the only guy who had shown serious interest in marrying me may see it, his parents, siblings or my parents and siblings may also see it. But in all honesty this politician is wicked and deserves to be given a dose of his wickedness. I have been thinking of any other means to ruthlessly deal with him without spilling blood but I cannot arrive at any.


Don’t you think it is right to make this heartless guy realize that he is mindless?

How best can I achieve this? It has kept me sleepless and I must find solution to this and that is my reason of writing to you.

Poshier (not real name)


Dear Poshier,

I am glad that you have known that spilling of human blood is not good. Don’t ever succumb to such devilish idea no matter what.

From the picture you painted, the so-called government official did not do well by not paying you the agreed sum and also his going physical with you after ravaging your body is bad. This is the attitude of some public office holders and that is why the nation is infested with kleptomaniacs and corrupt minds.

Be that as it may, I will be failing in my duties if I don’t remind you, if you have forgotten or ignorant of it that such denial and physical abuse is synonymous with your chosen profession: prostitution.

I suggest that you stop being bitter about this because you accepted subtly this condition before you ventured into the odd job.

Don’t make the video public because the shame and disgrace will not come to the politician alone, you will share in it and this will haunt you for life.

I am thinking that you have been acting so wickedly too by offering your body to men for money when a man has shown deep interest in marrying you.

Maybe I should let you know that one good turn truly deserves another.

Apart from prostitution, you can do other things to earn decent money and respect for yourself.

The dangers inherent in the act of harlotry is very enormous, there have been stories of men who want to make it fast using prostitutes for rituals.

Every problem that comes our way carries its peculiar lessons. This problem with a randy politician may be a spring board for you to land a better thing for your livelihood. It may be a call for you to leave this job which you are not proud of. Re-package yourself now and I assure you, you will not regret it.

Have a wonderful weekend.