If things keep going like this, a child who is destinied to be a musician would never want to be delivered in Imo State, he would rather spend two more months in the womb than be born here, no withstanding the pains the mother will go through.
I know this could be an exaggeration, but if nothing is done, we might get to that point when no one would want to be based here as an artiste.

According to a renowned highlife artiste, Ugo Stevenson, the trend is not rally a problem for those in that genre, since they are mostly event muscians,who make their money from the current trend, not worried about the areas withing the borders of their music.
He also argued that a lot is happening in the music industry of Imo State, backing his case with this statement, “The best of Nigeria left here, in the likes of Charly Boy that later became the PMAN president, Tony Okoroji, Onyeka Onwenu, Aex O, J Martins and Kelly Hansome all left here. How can you say that nothing is happening here?”
In my accessment, the only thing happening is the mass exodus of talents to other cities like Lagos and even our neighbouring Port Harcourt.
When we all thought the city of Owerri has come to stay on the map of entertainment, we saw Kelly Hansome, Singaholic, Don Malacy and others leave while those left at home had to start at the level they were operating, fighting to make something out of music.
Now, we have come to another era where music is booming in Owerri, what are our expectations when we don’t have a single record based in Owerri willing to pull up a big deal for one of the talents in the town.
The next destination is Lagos and the counting has started, Harmony made her move, although she would say it is temporary, but another great talent General Sleezy has made his movement to lagos permanent, meaning that all that depended on him would sure start looking for a new place for shelter.
I know about just these duo, but others could as well be nursing the Lagos dream, if their bags are not yet packed.
Our government is doing great with a agencies to cub this trend, with a Beurre of Entertainment, headed by Mr Uche Ogbuagu; Bongo Centre, headed by Mr Emma Duru as well as the Imo Carnival Centre, headed by Mr Buchi George.
The trio form a triangle that is yet to join in my point of view, because I believe they have what it takes to rescue the entertainment industry yet nothing has been done.
Imo must be better only when they work together, rather than compete among themselves because in their Elephant battles, we surely know who the grasses are and they should all remember the papular hymn that is sang in Anglican burials “…only by our works that we will be remembered when we depart” that office or this world.
A lot of artistes depend on the favourable platform we would create, and if we fail, this town might never have a star at home, everyone will remain upcoming until they leave.

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