Fashion according to a fashion designer, Ellen Jacobs, is the consciousness to always be current and up-to-date with happenings in the fashion world especially when such consciousness practically reflects on one’s fashion make-up.
Whereas both men and women can be fashionable, experience over the years has shown that female folks can be more fashionable than their male counterparts. This is because a greater percentage of women all over the world pay more detailed attention to their fashion make-up than the men.

Moreover, they have more fashion costumes than men. The following are some of the fashion costumes of women: Hair-do, earrings, clothes, shoes, handbags etc.
Among these fashion costumes or components, handbags are more strategic because it is one most women cannot do without. The question then arises; why do women always carry handbag?
Handbags are one of the necessities of life for women. It is important to have the items that one use often handy and accessible. Such articles as: lipsticks, small mirror, handkerchief, chewing gum, powder, wetlips, perfume, handset, ATM card, key  are better put in a handbag.
The need to have something to hold one’s personal items is a fundamental need rooted in the biology of women. Women are the care-givers of the family. From prehistory to present women have the responsibility of taking care of everyone.
In most cases, it is the women who get people organised and make sure everyone has whatever he needs. In this thinking, handbags come in handy for such items as biscuits, cakes, apples etc. which a woman may procure for the family.
Women take care of their offsprings and make sure that all domestic requirements are attended to once they are back to the house. I believe that this has evolved in women carrying all that they need and what everyone else could possibly want in their handbag. To illustrate – when you go out with a man, do you ask him for tissues, pen or paper? No – you ask any woman/female around.
Handbags are like working sticks for women, one feels empty without a handbag. A woman’s handbag is her ultimate fashion statement. In a normal girlish handbag, one can find such items: mobile phones, money, wallets, lotion, ATM cards, powder, lipsticks etc.
Women use their handbags to put their daily needs especially when going for visits, one can find items like toothbrush, panties, face towel, cream and even perfumes, when they are not sure of their sleeping in their houses.
Types of handbag
Purse: These are the very small ones commonly known as purse. They can contain only small items like money, ATM cards, identity cards or complimentary card, small mirror, lipstick etc.
Medium size handbags: These are bigger than purse and can contain bigger items like tissue, cream, perfume, weavon brush, bigger sizes of mirror, make-up kits etc.
Big sizes of handbag: This type of handbags are big and can contain a purse, pad, shoes and other bigger items.
Handbags come in different shapes, sizes and colours and they help in no small measure in accentuating the fashion essence of a woman. Your handbag will define your fashion grade. It determines the level you operate in the fashion world. Hook on to your handbag and you have put on your fashion identity.


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