As the second semester of the 2011/2012 academic sessions seeks its last breath, the Alvan community is busy like a market getting to its ending hours.

Students are doing whatever they can to avoid ‘Mr F’ and the and the digit before zero, nine (9) associated with it.


In a movement round the school to see how students are preparing, O’town Gist Entertainment correspondent, Hillary Uzomba observed that the school library has become a bee hive, where going in and coming out never ends until it was closing time.

Most students have realized that the only path leading to great Alpha (A) Beta (B) and credit (C ) is found in hard work and one of the places to do so is in the school library which has seen serious upgrade recently.

Speaking to O’town Gist Entertainment, Rev Chima Nworie, a librarian and lecturer said. “Students are visiting the library so much that we don’t have spaces left. It has been very busy this period which is encouraging and I commend the students for that.


There weren’t enough spaces before, and that really discouraged the students who would come without a place to sit. But with help of Education Trust Fund (ETF), that has been taken care of; we now have enough seats and tables for the students. New books were also brought in and the issue of heat has been taken care of, as air conditioners have been acquired for the library to keep the students and the books at the optimum temperature for studying”

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Some students are excited about the exam, while others are not happy about it, probably because they are not prepared for it.

Students in 2/4 level are not left out, as they also prepare for their first experience in teaching practice. For this, they must pass their Educational Technology as well as Special Methods examinations.

Many shiver with fever,

Some smile in the mile,


Tension drawing attention,

As the battle between papers and grades enfolds, stay with O’town Gist Entertainment as we will surely bring you gists on the exam to come, and also wish them the best in their exams.

What am I even doing?

O’town, wait, I also have exams to write.

Rev Chima Nworie