After several delays and much speculation, the school fees of the Abia State University, Uturu has come to a final conclusion. The Vice-Chancellor had a meeting with the Dean and some other top bodies of the school and it was concluded that the same amount paid in first year remains the amount every student pays till final year which is a N130, 000.


Students, just getting to hear about the news are confused, aggrieved and even scared to react as 5 pupils have been expelled already for trying to oppose the decision.
There was also a warning sent to every second year course representative that if any sort of riot or protest commences, every second year course representative would be expelled.
Tension arises as students are just not sure what to do and are scared to oppose. The decision is final and few pupils are already falling victims for use of improper words.
The State University’s matriculation ceremony held on Saturday, the 16th of March, 2013 and the number of students admitted is low, relatively compared to last year’s admission list.
 Could this be because of the absurd increase of the school fees?

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