Call them Peter and Paul or another twin brothers that have ventured into the world of music, you’ll definitely be right, but Peter and Paul Otika chose to go by the name Da Otikas since names like Psquare has been taken already by the other Paul and Peter.



The two undergraduates of Building Engineering and Architecture are taking music from a different dimension this time stating that just like the courses they are studying, they will design and build their own kind of music which will surely stand them out from the large number of musicians in the country.

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Last year the duo who also made it clear that Peter and Paul of Psquare were of great influence to the way they started, had an album listening party which so much rocked the town and now both are back in the studio to complete the album which will surely hit the market soon.

The album is titled Da Otikas’ Slection and stars like 2shotz other are in their collabos.