Last review was a good thing and it got many reactions from our visitors, which is actually a good thing for the town.

This week, some new tracks got on online; alongside old ones that are still hot downloads now. But before we get down to the main business, I want to show you some thinks you need to expect soon in the O’town  Entertainment industry, as well as in the lives of other artistes from Imo State and general lists.


Gossip lane

General Sleezy might move to Lagos – According to gossips around town.

Cyndo O will soon drop a track with Terry G, Imagine her gaga style and Terry G’s akpako style. It is going to be a banger.

Bonejoint is working on a new studio project in Owerri, what are we to expect? Details later.


What’s up with Reflex? This guy is definitely working on something. We’ll unleash details soon.

After engagement to his girlfriend, what’s next for Cyphatyte. Marriage, Acting or more of music?

How did Prince Noel, CEO of Prince Noel Production celebrate his birthday? We must find out.

Who is attending the Imo day in USA from Imo State? Mecmen will surely perform that day.


Now down to the business of review

Kwe n’oga naga  By Asme  Produced by Bonejoint

Asmen is his nick, and still he goes by Nsuka son, don’t ever get it twisted, this is not HOT 99.5 FM’s power play, but they surely blessed this track meaning it has the blessings of a high ranking agent of the god of music.

Asmen mixed style and sound to get this track, and you will only understand what I am saying when you listen to it.

Download  Kwe n’oga naga

Yekparikpa by Porsh  Kayiana, Produced by BigSwish

The Portharcourt based Imo State born babe is on something out of the usual style known around, by  mixing hip-hop and reggae in one track. I wonder how she did it, but you can figure it out when you listen to the track.

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Omo na so we de rock am for this party… Yekparikpa!

Download Yekparikpa

Mmanya Dibia (Produced by Young Roc ),  and She too fine by Emy-Xcel

He got in with three tracks last week and we have two here now, hip-hop and R&B, two genres that lead in the industry currently.

Mmanya dibia reminds of Tales by moon light, is that TV programme still on? Emy-Xcel did well to put his voice down with the beats to get these two tracks which paid off well for a debutant in the industry.

He claims to be building and R&B bridge with She too fine and only you can you can judge that.

Download Mmanya Dibia & She too fine

Ikanka-ighota-ije by Sym19,  produced by Kukbeat

This is a typical coal city production done by Imo State born Sym19 who currently runs between Lagos and Coal City. Don’t take away it from this brother because the song can go the distance.

With video out already, kanka-ighota-ije will surely go the proposed distance.

Download kanka-ighota-ije

Watch kanka-ighota-ije

Ojuju –  By Xcello Mexmelo

He got in because he did something special and different, Ojuju is a track with a scary name, but with lovely lyrics. I wonder what he was thinking when he did this track.

Anyway, he thought we because Ojuju go catch you now!

Hearing is believing!

Download Ojuju

Radio Fever  By TK2, Produced by Krazzybitz

This track wins my heart this week and I can’t tell you why until you catch the same fever.  Who ever taught him how to sing should also be my teacher, because if I can spread this kind of fever, I’ll surely be the best.

And for the duo that did this song, god of music is watching you.

Download Radio Fever

If you want your song to appear on my next review, tag the link to the song to @hardynwa on twitter, share on O’town Gist facebook page, email the link to, or on Blackberry Messenger with 30767836 I’ll definitely download and listen to it.

See you in the next edition