Having examined the current status of the entertainment industry in Imo State,  South African based Chief Lawson Chukwu is working out modalities to come in and invest in it.
Believing so much in the influence of the high population of youths in Imo state,  Chief Chukwu pointed out that so much can be achieved, when the  growing interest of  youths  in the entertainment, combined with government policies towards promotion of arts and culture in the state are properly harnessed.

He cited Hot 99.5 FM as an example of a firm that has made  so much contribution in the industry, stating that in conjunction with Bonejoint, a music  producer based in Owerri, he would be setting up a branch of their South African basedmusic and video production firm in Owerri.
“We will not specialize in any kind of music, we’ll do anything music when we kick off, and the fact that no artiste around here has ventured into classical music like jazz is something we would be addressing, because these are the kind of music people are really missing”
Chief Lawson said that jazz will bring elderly people back to love the music they have missed and such will also encourage artistes to improve on the  ability to perform live in a concert, instead of the all programmed thing, which is actually far from the flavour of live performance.
He also stated that he has about 12 artistes currently on his list, but as soon as they kick off,  they will be unveiled one after the other, being so optimistic that his company will be making a big difference the moment they kick off operations in Owerri.

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