Many good songs are made daily behind the scene of the popular songs we know. Some are better than the best we have heard, others would have been, if the producers or the artistes had added or removed something that would have made the missing difference.


However, the truth remains that whether a song is good or not, the artiste is always proud of himself whenever his voice mixed with a good beat is banging on a loud speaker. That is personal fulfillment. At that moment when you say, “I am now a musician” and feel that Tuface Idibia will be dethroned by you the next moment. That is always one of the stirring moments in the life of every artiste.

For a model it’s the moment you get so impressed with your pictures and moves that you come to believe so much that you are there at the main scene of stardom and not the frustrating backstage filled with people mocked as wannabes. You see yourself at the main place where a crowd of notable people in the fashion world applaud you as you soar on the run way like an owl that feel his path with the gizzard, (that was actually borrowed from a movie)
Every comedian wants to appear in big shows and he starts by making his folks happy with his gist that will letter turn to jokes and later to his brand.

However, what happens when someone enters the studio after listening to a song, praises the artiste not knowing that the person beside him did the song. I know that artiste will feel so great and what if he does otherwise, the artiste could be going down the lane of low morale instantly.
Who determines a good song? Who sets the standard? Just like in football where god of soccer gives victory to teams that do not deserve it; is there a god of music as well?
Is there a god of music whose interest is to favour artistes with songs that are not good enough with stardom? If this god of music really exists, is he working alone or are there agents that work for him?

I don’t know who this god of music is, but if he is really there, I know his agents and they are simply everyone that promotes the artistes aside the general public that accepts the song.
Radio Stations


Artistes initially thought they could do without good radio stations, by running through other channels that never offered salvation to their songs. Radio stations are the number one agents of the god of music.

Music is an organized sound that is pleasing to the ear, according to my music teacher, Mrs Anegu. Sounds are audios and radio stations are the best carriers of sounds just like mosquitoes carry malaria for sure.

If an artiste skips this first agent of the god of music, he will end up as an artiste with a face yet without a song, meaning he’ll be known in family and church, that’s if he’s doing gospel. Moreover, do not be angry when people get tired of the same songs you will be offering them all the time.

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TV stations

Because artistes are humans, and not anonymous sound donors whose destiny is  to remain unknown behind their audios, they need  videos, because it’s another means to show the world what one can do as an artiste, especially one’s stage attitude and how real the artistes can be as well.
Newspapers and Magazines


Some artistes do not regard these two as necessary; they always see them as an area mapped out for those already at the top. To me, no one is at the top, even  when someone is there. I say this because anyone can be there, at least anyone can feel like he is there. You have the right to feel you are there; it’s part of your fundamental human (artiste) right.
Newspapers and magazines are for everyone, and as a matter of fact, they still remains one of the means to get into the head of people that are not usually at home when the song is played on the radio or TV. Never underestimate what you can achieve here, be you an artistes, model or comedian.

They can take you the distance.


They are like the last retailers in the chain, taking music to the last people that need it, in parties, clubs and different ceremonies. How well can they help in promoting an artiste? I will say they can go a long way, so no artiste should joke with them. If the so-called god of music actually put them there, he has a reason.


It could be an entertainment website and other channels that share multimedia materials online like YouTube and the likes of it.  Entertainment websites have more visitors than the usual newspaper, because they will always have more audience. Even at that, artistes do not take them serious, some of the artistes I have met, often feel like they are not good enough to appear on newspapers, magazines and entertainment website. I look at them and say that the devil in music is at work. May the god of music rescue such artistes.

Everyone is good enough to appear anywhere; everyone has a story, it’s just about the person writing.
The god of music is in our hearts, that thing that pushes an artiste, that thing that kept him going with music this year even when the last five years have not favoured him. That thing that assures him that he will surely reap from all he has invested in music. That is the god of music. The passion and faith an artiste has in music

I do not believe that god of music is a spirit, but I believe that there is a God that loves music and He is not just a God of music but a God of everything. He gives success to those that believe in him.

Your success will never be unjust, but at the right time, do not kill the god of music in you, do not do anything funny to succeed, consider the end of those that tried it.
God is watching, not from a distance, because He is always with us.
Good luck with music.
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