O’town Gist visited the great  Aizbag ‘da Geniuz a renowned producer in Owerri, who has worked with artistes all over the country  at  Mbari Street Ikenegbu Layout Owerri, where we met him doing nothing but what made him Aizbag ‘da Geniuz in the studio.


He lost his voice to the celebration of Chelsea’s Champions league victory just like most of the Chelsea fans  I know and although it wasn’t his real voice, the roaring ‘baggy’ tone was so much of fun to listen to. The easy going producers talked about so many things, but here is a cutout from the interview.

Why is Aizbag unique?

Hard work and consistency brought me here and mostly the grace of God is something I can’t write off.


Which artiste or song took you on top?

I’ve worked with a lot of artistes starting back in the old era, I produced artistes like Mark T, McDonald and others. Currently you’ll talk about Aifee, Slow Dog, 2Shotz and others.

Biggest artiste you worked with

Everything music is big to me, so I can’t say an artiste is small and the other is big. I’m not in the position to do that. But if you want to know if I’ve worked with artistes like Tuface, I’ll say no, not because I can’t, but I want to put myself in the position where they’ll come looking for me and not the other way round.

How do you know a good song?


Definitely, you’ll know when you listen to it. Although one can’t always be a perfect judge in this area.

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This is because music has its physical, psychological and spiritual sides, so no matter how good you are, you can never cover these areas perfectly in your predictions.

But making a good beat for a good song will surely assure you that the song will go a long way especially above average.

Do you correct artistes?

Many producers do the job for money, but I’m in because of the love I have for music. I correct artistes always and that is why those that work with me do whatever they can to find me, even if I’m in a rat hole. This always gives me a relationship with the artistes for a long time after production.

Will you leave Owerri?

I’m just a vessel in this game and God can do anything He wants with me. If He says stay in this town, who am I to say no to Him. However, if He says leave, just like Abraham, I’ll start the journey to where ever He’ll prepare for me as the promise land.

I’ve been in this town for 8 years as a producer, I don’t think any place will seem greener for me to go.

Did frustration ever make want to leave?

Then, when everything was wrong, I wake up every day with a reason to leave and a reason to stay as well. Difficulties will surely come, I can’t runaway because of that. Everything is fine now, just the finance that is missing.

It was easy to promote an artiste about 8 years ago in Nigeria, but because of the growth we have seen in the industry, it’s no longer a small money thing. If the finance barriers can be broken here. everything will be good for the artistes.