Big Chance ‏@ItsBigChance

JOJO DON COME AGAIN OH! Student slept in UNILAG overnite n woke up in MOSHOOD ABIOLA UNIVERSITY.. lwtmb wat a miracle


Yung Roc Abrahams™ ‏@Beats_By_Roc

Fresh: See me as i dey by @madblaize prod. by @Beats_By_Roc …download @Soundsultan @KellyHansome @MI_Abaga

Edward McDuff ‏@CyphaTyte

If y’ll consider atheism a Religion,then abstinence should be a sex position!!!




Kelly Hansome ‏@KellyHansome

Dear entertainers, we need to concentrate on increasing the demand for the brand rather than the supply.


Kelly Hansome ‏@KellyHansome

Wether you be lekpa or you be tooth pick, get up and dance no dey form like one krikata…LMAo. My fans are gradually outnumbering em haters

fortune Emelogu ‏@ruffcoinnwaba listen to kelly handsome’s new singles,he is one of the most talented artiste’s Naija has ever produced

fortune Emelogu ‏@ruffcoinnwaba

Leaving wazobia,thanks to diplomatic opj and dj snoop d damager,thanks to evryone who tuned in

Nkem owoh ‏@its_osuofia

we should try n think like our president, maybe he is trying to hide universities from bombings, so dey would think its a secondary school!

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Nkem owoh ‏@its_osuofia

… When We can’t have constant light, some decisions had to be made in the dark….. like renaming some schools!!!

Nkem owoh ‏@its_osuofia

……SAD to announce for UNILAG students, That Name is here to stay, ABIOLA is already smiling wherever he is, except u want to annoy him?

AcharaMan ‏@AcharaMan

I don’t fear the gun but I fear the shooter. #Bokoharam #Robbers #Police #Vigilanty #kidnappers #Opc #NdiAguleri #Hunters plus ****

Emeka Aguta ‏@big_SLAI

I think I have to stop asking peeps if they r mad…they seem to tryna prove they are!!!

Hardy Chinedu N ‏@hardynwa

I tweet when I’m busy and sleep when I’m free

CyndyO ‏@CyndyOlicious

In following d footsteps of ur father,u must wear even bigger shoes!

aizbag ‘da geniuz ‏@aizbag

“I don’t have an attitude problem… you have a problem with my attitude.”

harmony shantan ‏@harmonyshantan

Too many dream killers but I won’t give up….

Hardy Chinedu N ‏@hardynwa

will any software tweet my mind? I wanna be on your timeline always… #words #Owerri