Talking about music production in Owerri, Regis’ name will always be on the list as both an artiste and a producer.

Regis who believes all artistes in Owerri for are still coming up, advised that all work harder to raise the game in O’town.


He also added that the only O’town artiste to be heard internationally is Kelly Hansome and it is unfortunate that he is having problems with Kennys Music, saying “Kelly is a big plus to O’town, because no one has been heard like him, but his current issues with his record label is a big set back to him as an artiste and to the town as well”

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“The initial plan was that I’ll become a priest, and I still thank God I attended a seminary school. I fell in love with music there, after which I was made a choir master, which actually took me deep into music, now I sing and still produce”

“People believe that every noise in Music must surely start from Lagos, but I disagree with them. If you are good in what you do, you noise will spread everywhere, no matter where you are based”


As a producer, Regis has done his thing with almost the best of the best in South-East and South–South of Nigeria and as an artiste he is currently promoting a song he did with Kelly Hansome recently.