The truth remains that no one has gone as far as the young man who started lowly as a dancer imitating Michael Jackson back in Madonna University.


Before the name Kelly Hansome, I’m among the people that called him Mj and in all the nights we had shows in school, we always waited for the biggest moment, when our man in black will walk into the stage to thrill us.
Even though it was the same thing all the nights, although with little additions, we never got fade up with his stuff, until he voluntary handed over to a new guy Chuks, who carried on in his own way.
For those  who were students of Madonna University then, you’ll always be proud of those moments he thrilled you and your girlfriend and watching him where he is now, you will definitely be prouder(if there’s anything like that)  than you’re supposed to be, which is good.
Amidst a Blackberry broadcast alleged to originate from Kelly Hansome (although there is no prove for this), where Kenny Ogungbe of Kennis Music made it clear that Kelly Hansome will never release an album, unless he settles with Kennis Music.
The rumours of the settlement will be shared in the next article, so for fans, lovers and haters of this young man who is in no doubt talented, I want to put this question across.
What if Kelly Hansome had not signed for Kennis Music?
Where do you think he will be by now?

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