Details on the said song done by Mr StarFace where heallegedly called Kelly Hansome a painter has emerged.
Mr StarFace started In the track which featured D7 started by saying that Kelly Hansome beat him up at a show at Winter Suit Hotels, Nekede Owerri, Imo State where both artistes attended a show recently.


He alleged that Kelly is broke and has turned to a painter picking the point from the fact that Kelly painted in the PIMP MY ROOM SHOW recently. Which is actually an elite show.
Would you call that commercial painting? Or is there more to it since Mr StarFace also said that Kelly once painted for him and he (Mr StarFace) paid him some money for doing so.
Mr StarFace also alleged that Kelly stole his song (Maga Don Pay) and cannot say how true it is and we’ll surely let you know if we find anything on that line.
According to the song, Kelly does not have anything, house nor car and is currently living with his girl friend in Port Harcourt.
If this is actually true, then Kelly Hansomeis not really who we think he is over here.
Sources close to Kelly Hansome said that he responded by saying that Mr StarFace has done a very good song and all he needs is start promoting it. The source who is also an eye witness to the Winter Suit Hotel incidence said Kelly did not beat up Mr StarFacer, that Scarface is making up the whole thing to draw sympathy to himself and also promo the said track which is currently spreading like a wild fire in Owerri.
But who we go ask?
It’s always funny for a man to say that his fellow man beat him up without aides. That is the funny side of the song, aside that, the song make sense sha, since na big boy like Kelly Hansome them wan fall im hand for there.
More can say that this might be an obsession problem for Mr. Starface who on face book ( has uploaded many of Kelly Hansome’s pictures.
The big question is why would he do that if he actually hates Kelly Hansome?
Another truth is that Kelly Hansome is really not happy with Mr Scarface whom according to Kelly and other artistes has been using Kelly’s name to attract girls and show to himself because they actually look alike in a little way. Even on twitter, Mr Scarface has an account with Kelly Hansome’s name and he is following the real Kelly Hansome with the said account.
All we can tell these two O’town brothers is to call a cease fire, because there is so much to be done in the industry down here. let’s channel our energy to something more productive, the younger ones are looking up to us.

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