There’s a fresh beef gist moving like wild fire in the city of Owerri, Imo State, the hip-hop star Kelly Hansome was once a painter.


The gist which emanated from a song Mr StarFace is currently working on has it that Kelly scammed him (Mr StarFace) as his painter by not doing the job that was paid for.
More to the gist that was not listed in the lyrics of the track which its title is still unknown to has it that Kelly visits Mr StarFace on boxers those days, looking for ways StarFace can be of assistance to him because he (Kelly) was in a very sorry state them. One wonders why this gist will be coming out now from Mr Star Face whom everyone will surely see that he hasn’t neared the success his beef mate Kelly Hansome is enjoying currently. Another source close to Mr Star Face disclosed to that there is more to the beef than Kelly being former Star Face’s painter.
The source who chose to be anonymous has it that the beef has a girl at the center of it. Just a girl! Chai!!!!!!!! According to our source, Kelly’s girlfriend is always talking about Star Face for a reason not disclosed and this obsession has stirred up the beef waters between the two musicians. Although this is just Starface’s side of the story as we gathered that StarFace has been in the midst of such controversy before having tried to toast another artiste’s babe. Therefore, this might seem like his escape route for him. Why can’t people just concentrate on their music and see what happens. Anyway, it’s show biz, they’ll always say that the uglier the better. We’ll keep you posted as details unfold.

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