Beauty pageants always see a controversial end because most of the contestants believe they were robbed off the crown which is the ultimate purpose for the contest.

Diamond Dice, the organization that put the Miss Royalty 2011 in Owerri has seen it all and have their ways of handling these issues.

Miss Rosemary Eneogwe is one of the surprises of the event, coming fifth in the competition last year, but now wearing the crown as Miss Royalty Ambassador. It might sound strange that the fifth has become the first now, but adhering to the company’s policies as well as hard work gave her the crown.


In this interview with Chinedu Hardy Nwadike, Rosemary explains this magic and why she believes she will make it to the top in the modeling world.



I’m Rosemary Eneogwe, a student of Imo State University and a model as well.


Miss Royalty 2011

The event has come and gone, I did everything I knew, and I ended up at the fifth position.

How well did you play your card?

It’s a competition and everyone came to win, probably because of my approach to certain things, I ended up at that level. And besides it was my first event as a model, so getting to this level is a good thing for me.

Why modeling?


I’ve always had this passion for the entertainment industry knowing that it’s an avenue for me to be self reliant and now I’m here and I want to leave a good legacy for those coming behind me.

Life before modeling

I was just an ordinary girl out there, living a normal life, I go to school, chat with friends and do all the normal things life offers aside modeling.

What changed as a model?

Nothing changed, just that I became a model and most importantly, I now see myself as someone who can do it. Modeling shaped the way I see life. And that’s a very good plus for me.

Modeling and your friends

My friends are my friends, we do the same things we do before I became a model, and I don’t think I’m ready to change my friends

Handling approach from men

It’s always a problem for any lady on the spotlight, but I do my best to turn them down. The key is simply to be polite and everything is done. I was brought up well and I know how to say a very polite no to guys with a good smile on my face.

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And when they put a price down?

No is still the answer and nothing can change that. For any reason, I can’t sale myself because of anything, not even money, the things it can buy nor fame. I’m reserved and that will still be.

Reserved for what or who?

Showbiz needs people like that, not people that are ready to mess up for every little opportunity, something big is always ahead so that’s where I am actually going.

Life aside modelling

I still act, I’ve featured in two movies, and the third one is yet to be released. It’s not like I’ve hit a major role, but they are still not so minor.

Any other hobby

I love cooking.

How good are you

People appreciate my cooking, and you know what that means.

Modeling, acting and cooking, aren’t they boring

I still write. I’ve written books and short stories that are still in my archives.

Current work

I’m working on my charity pet project now. I did four last time, which made me an outstanding model in the Miss Royalty crew and that is why I have the crown as Miss Royalty Ambassador.

About the pet projects

They are about touching lives, charity and making the younger ones believe they can do it. Last Christmas, it was about sharing gifts to children out there. I gave educational materials, and toiletries to the kids.

Presenting in the Culture quest

It feels so great knowing that I’ll be the presenter of the programme and I’m ready to take up all the challenges that goes with it.

Role model to others

It’s a great thing to be in that position

And to those better than you?

No one is better than me, I’m the best in my game. They can be good in their own games, but in my own arena, I’m the best.

Plans to remain on top

Humility, hard work and all the virtues that will keep me up there, not forgetting faith in God.

To younger models

Be steadfast, do what you do and you’ll be there