By Chinwe Uzoechi

Sometimes, there are inexplicable moments when we, girls, don’t feel like having sex. No matter which is the reason (we feel tired, we have a terrible headache, or we are not in the mood), these moments generate quarrels with our lover. Many times, men don’t understand our problems or even if they understand they refuse to accept them. Women make mistakes when they don’t realize that this kind of problem can seriously affect their relationship.


There is a good piece of news although: these problems can be avoided if we spend a moment analyzing our behavior before saying something that can disturb our lover. So, let’s find out the most frequent mistakes women do in bed and some solutions to these problems.
The first one is our habit to blame the pre-menstrual syndrome for our mood. Unfortunately this syndrome can’t be treated. No matter if we mention headaches, backaches or certain nervousness; all these influence our mood none way or another. A solution in this case would be making an appointment to a gynecologist who can prescribe a treatment for this delicate period of the month, which, according to specialists, can last from 7-14 days.
The second mistake women do is to consider that the only thing that men want is sex. Things aren’t like that. Although it is true that men frequently have in mind “sex”, they need affection, protection and maintenance, just like us.
If you’re not in the mood to have sex with your lover at a certain moment, you can confess your estate to him because if he really loves you, he will understand everything.
The third mistake most women do is to be so obsessed by the way they look that they refuse to make love to their husband. Remember! If a man wants to make love to you it is because he considers you very sexy, so the extra kilos are not important to him.
No matter what he says or does it doesn’t satisfy you. Does it sound familiar to you? Of course, because this is another frequent mistake most women do. Unfortunately you have a problem because you don’t tell him what you really like. Show him where you want to be glanced off; try to lead him to your favorite places. Next time he won’t need any lesson. I assure you.
Another mistake is to be restrictive to new things. Every couple is affected at a certain moment by monotony. It is up to you both to surpass this moments. Men feel this faster than women and are more opened to new things. Think for a moment that what happens in your bedroom stays between you and your husband. Communication is very important in any relationship, especially in a love relationship. Sexual life plays an important part too in a relationship as the fire that exists at its beginning must be preserved. Don’t be afraid to talk to your partner about anything that torments you. As long as you are together, your problems are his problems also. Try this out and see how it’s going to work like magic, ENJOY!

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