Sunday, December 4, 2022
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Odili, My Odili

By Deborah Uzoma

Odili, Jewel of excellence
Your walls chime through seasons
There’s richness in your foundations

Odili, you enable great ambience for research
A monument of treasure , you pass to your inhabitants session after session
My good people of Nigeria, come…
Come and see, how men and women of timbre and calibre, powerful voices in the world are subsumed in the radiance of Odili


My Dear Odili, you are life
You give life to the hopeless and plunges them into the roots of a solid rock.
Each passing day lives are appraised, values grow

Odili, you have birthed families
You bond souls from various ethnicity
Your love is encompassing
With every test and trials, the residence worth is revealed.

Odili, my Odili
Our Odili
To every occupants, internal and external conflicts you have settled and enticed us on the need to appreciate , value and understand one another.
Hail great occupants of Odili Hall.

NB: Odili is the name of the Hostel for Post Graduate Student of University of Nigeria, Nsukka campus. It was named after Governor Peter Odili of River State, the former River State Governor for his assistance in the completion of the PG Hostel.