Tragedy struck when Two unidentified labourers were brought out dead from a well after they drowned while attempting to retrieve a bucket used to fetch water in Ile-Ife.

The two men, According to Newsmen, were engaged to work at a construction site in the town on Thursday.

Eyewitnesses recounted the harrowing scene, where one labourer accidentally fell into the deep well. In a valiant effort to rescue their companion, the second labourer descended into the darkness, only to meet the same tragic fate.


As news of the incident spread, shock and grief swept through the community. The Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps, alongside the Federal Fire Service, mobilized to recover the bodies from the unforgiving depths of the well.

With heavy hearts, the town of Ile-Ife mourned the loss of two souls taken too soon. As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting a somber glow over the construction site, the memory of the ill-fated retrieval lingered in the air.

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Amidst the tragedy, there arose a sense of solidarity as the community rallied to support the families of the fallen labourers. Yet, the poignant reminder of the fragility of life echoed through the streets of Ile-Ife, a solemn testament to the unpredictability of fate.

As the days passed, the well stood as a silent witness to the sorrow that befell the town, a somber reminder of the dangers that lurk beneath the surface. And though time may heal wounds, the memory of the double drowning would forever haunt the hearts of those who bore witness to the tragedy.