Bandits, on Thursday, killed 12 villagers and seven policemen in Magarya village, Zamfara State. The assault, confirmed by Commissioner of Police Muhammad Shehu Dalijan, occurred in the Zurmi Local Government Area.

The bandits, numbering around 300, stormed the village on motorbikes. Upon arrival, they surrounded the policemen and opened fire, resulting in seven officers and a member of the Zamfara State Community Guards among the dead. Four other residents were also killed in the onslaught.

Commissioner Dalijan explained that the bandits had long been thwarted by the police from carrying out their attacks in the area. “Our men have successfully prevented these criminals from attacking the village for over two years,” he said. “This attack seems to be in retaliation for their failures.”


The heavily armed assailants inflicted serious injuries on several others, adding to the tragedy. The village, which had enjoyed relative peace due to the police presence, is now reeling from the sudden and devastating violence.

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In response to the attack, Commissioner Dalijan announced that additional police personnel would be deployed to Magarya to bolster security and prevent further incidents. “We are committed to restoring peace and protecting the residents,” he assured.

This incident underscores the persistent threat posed by bandits in Zamfara State, where communities have faced repeated assaults. The latest attack highlights the urgent need for enhanced security measures and continued vigilance.

As the state mourns the loss of its citizens and brave officers, authorities are urged to intensify efforts to curb the activities of these ruthless bandits and ensure the safety of vulnerable communities.