Renowned Nollywood icon, Kanayo O. Kanayo, has opened the doors of the movie industry to his first son, Clinton Mbaise.

The veteran actor announced that Mbaise will be joining his production company, Simpliciter Associates Productions, taking on roles as an assistant production manager and personal assistant.

In a recent Instagram video, Kanayo underscored that his son is there to work and cautioned against any preferential treatment.


“This is Clinton Onyeze Mbaise, my first son. And he is joining us today as assistant production manager and as my personal assistant,” he announced.

“Please do not treat him as my son. This is a warning to everyone. He is here to work. He will be compensated just like any other member of the team. Do not start saying he’s K.O.K’s son. I’m not interested in that. Treat him as a valued member of the production crew.”

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Kanayo also shared that Mbaise recently graduated from Babcock University with a degree in Information and Communication Technology. Additionally, he pursued studies in filmmaking and management before furthering his education.

This move marks a significant step for Mbaise as he ventures into the world of cinema under the mentorship of his father, a stalwart in the Nigerian film industry.