Nollywood Producer Okonkwo Chijioke Junior has said that the industry is flooded with noise makers because most people do not want to see results.

He said that everyday, people go out to check ‘who said what’ and not ‘who did what’, which has been a catalyst for quacks and noisemakers.

“People come into the industry today and the first thing they do is to start talking because to them attention seeking is better than hard work”


“I have been here for a while working and making sure my name and my organization is always associated with nothing but quality stuff”, he said.

Okonkwo Chijioke Junior who moved from music production to movie production said that he is happy with what his Boldline Entertainment has done in the area of production and talent management.

He said that building content is important, but building people is so much better, citing the development of teenage star Uchechi Treasure Okonkwo popularly known as Adakirikiri as one example.

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“We have others who are developing in Boldline Entertainment”


“We just have people in all angles of the industry, writing, acting, singing and production. Their success and development is one of our goals and just because they are with us, they learn virtues like honesty, professionalism and patience, these are scarce in the industry today”

“We are always working on something and it means so much to everyone in the team because you always know that you have to be better for the next job”, he said.

He then said that whenever Nigerians start paying more attention to people who are doing great work and less to people who are saying big words, the industry will take a new shape.