The former Secretary of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in Imo State, Chief Ray Emeana, has revealed reasons for dumping the party for the All Progressive Congress, (APC), with Governor Uzodinma’s massive road revolution in the state topping his aims.

Emeana added that his only way of supporting the governor’s achievements is by strongly supporting the State’s chatter of equity which endorsed Uzodinma to run for a second term on behalf of the Orlu zone.

Although he also listed the abuses and injustice orchestrated by the PDP leadership as another main reason he dumped the party.

Speaking at his official declaration for APC in Owerri, weekend, Emeana said that leaving PDP was a hard decision for him to take but the current PDP in the state has lost direction and purpose.

He said, “Since June 18th when I tendered my resignation as a member of PDP and also resigned as the State Secretary of Peoples Democratic Party, Imo State voluntarily, an avalanche of lies and propaganda has been unleashed on my person. In spite of provocations, I have maintained a dignified silence to avoid further contributing to the woes of the now-defunct PDP in Imo State.

“I have done so also, to avoid hurting the few decent men and women who together with me toiled to rebuild PDP into a winning brand until recently and who for reasons personal to them have decided to remain in the fast sinking boat called Imo PDP.

“For the records, the current fate of Imo PDP is a result of the injustice meted to it by the Iyochia Ayu-led National Working Committee. Despite the groundswell of information available to Ayu and his gang of mercantile cartels, they decided to foist an unpopular Gubernatorial Candidate on the Party in Imo State.

“Iyochia Ayu and his NWC desperados refused to provide any guidelines for the conduct of the Party Primaries as provided by the Party Constitution and the Electoral Act. They decided against all known moral persuasions to allow the National Secretary to be the umpire in his own elections which led to other aspirants withdrawing from the race.

“Today, Senator Anyanwu is the PDP Guber Candidate, he is the National Secretary, he nominated the Deputy Governorship Candidate and is hell-bent on taking over the Party Structure in the entire State buoyed by the then National Chairman, Senator Iyochia Ayu.

“This is most immoral, unaccepted to be, hence I resigned from the Party to stop further abuse to my conscience. No doubt this is a painful decision. It is disheartening to see a house you have laboured with many other people to build being dismantled. If the due process in PDP were followed and a Candidate truly interested in contesting for the election with proven capacity for the November 11th Election had emerged maybe things would have been different.”
He continued, “Curiously and strangely, it is also a welcome development because it has opened my eyes to the opportunities to actualize the dream of a Governor of Owerri extraction.

“My decision to join APC and not any other Party is based on three considerations. Firstly is the obvious shyness with which the PDP Candidate is approaching the elections. Elections go beyond mere dancing and singing and pretence. It is a serious capacity endeavour.

“Secondly, supporting Senator Hope Uzodinma to complete a second and final term in office as the Governor of Imo State provides Owerri Zone with the best opportunity to produce a Governor in 2027. Considering also, the avowed commitment by Senator Uzodinma to the Imo Chatter of Equity and to hand over to an Owerri person in 2027.

“Thirdly, I must confess that I am indeed awed by the massive road infrastructure of the Uzodinma-led Government across the State. I cannot continue to close my eyes to the construction of Owerri-Orlu Road, Owerri-Umuahia Road, Owerri-Ekenmegbuoha Road – Uzoagba Road, Torronto-Awaka Road, Egbu-Naze Road, all in Owerri North. The ongoing construction of AkwakumaMbieri-Hadel Junction road with gigantic tunnels which pass through my community is quite exhilarating.”

“I’m aware that some of my friends and indeed those who are not even politicians but who admire my brand of politics may not agree with my decision. They may feel disappointed and even loathsome of me. This, however, is a sacrifice I have elected to make for the realization of Imo Chatter of Equity.

“This is because, if we enthrone a functional Imo Chatter of Equity in the Governorship Election in Imo State, there will be less acrimony, waste of resources and peace shall ultimately rain in Imo State.

“Hope Uzodinma may not be the best, indeed as a mortal being, he is fallible but he is the best opportunity to achieve a lasting peace in Imo polity.

“I, therefore, formerly endorse Senator Hope Uzodinma for a second term in office as the Governor of Imo State and call all my friends to respect my fundamental human rights and associates to respect my fundamental human right to so do.”

“May I also advise the motley crowd of the illegitimate PDP Guber Candidate to concentrate and put in more efforts in shoring up his fast-fading guber fortunes?

“For records, Ray Emeana is not running and will not be on the ballot on November 11, 2023. If however it’s convenient to make me the issue, such self-seeking acolytes are better reminded that, it was Ray Emeana who created the institutional memory of PDP, a legacy which is still with me and may be deployed positively or negatively depending on the circumstances,” he added.

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