Nollywood movie producer Chijioke Junior Okonkwo has called on other producers and talent managers to provide extra protection for children in the industry.

He said that some people don’t just care about the roles and movies children are exposed to, adding that the only thing that matters to them is money and fame.

Chijioke referred to  it as a grievous mistake that must be corrected to avoid the dangerous impact it is already having on kids on the other side of the screen.


“Once a child goes on screen, she becomes a role model to thousands and if not millions of others kids”

“We have to pay close attention to what we ask kids to do on screen. Some persons don’t care and all they think about is getting the kids followers by making them say words that are supposed to be censored for their age”

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“You have children at home trying to copy them and that is where the problem starts. The entertainment industry has had its own problems with adults and I think we should leave kids out of it”, he said.

 Chijioke Junior Okonkwo whose Boldline Entertainment is managing teenage star  Uchechi Treasure Okonkwo popularly known as Ada Kirikiri further stated that it is obvious that some kids are too smart and matured for their age, but it is important that movie producers, writers and talent managers understand that children in the industry deserve protection.