Nollywood movie producer Okonkwo Chijioke Junior has called on his colleagues to often think of children when picking the movies to produce.

Chijioke, who has more than one hundred movies to his name, said that in the quest for money and success, producers often forget what is important and focus on just the immediate gains which has seen the industry overlook the very foundations of who we are.

He said that thinking about children makes filmmaking sustainable, saying “If we overlook the ripple effects of our actions, it might come back to haunt us in the future”


“I have worked with children’s sensitive content most of my life and even when it is difficult, I must say that it is worth it. Even when you are the only one around you, you still get to have that feeling that you are making the world a better place”, he said.

Founder of Bold Line Entertainment and managers of Nollywood teen-star Uchechi Treasure Okonkwo popularly known as Adakirikiri, Chijioke said that watching her grow made him question if the future everyone is building will be safe for her.

He said that it is sad to see adults and children competing for everything, adding that these issues are supposed to be main pointers in the entertainment industry during the 2024 Children’s day celebration.

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“Some people just want to live, reign and go. They don’t care what happens after, but that matters a lot to me. For instance, issues like this will never be discussed by a lot of people but topics like body enhancement, overnight riches and others I cannot mention, trend everyday.  Who will inspire kids on investment, patriotism, real life issues and that goes beyond the popular quick money, ritual and other illusions that are often sold to kids. Someone has to start telling them the truth”


“I am calling on my colleagues to understand how important it is to help make the future safe for kids with the work they are doing, because even when we say we don’t have children, someone we know has an injury to one is an injury to all”, he said.

Okonkwo Chijioke Junior who is fondly known as Cjay, started his journey into the entertainment industry as a music producer. He has movies like Before my eyes, Identical difference, Clare and Clarissa and many others to his name as a producer and executive producer.