The recent decision by Multichoice, the broadcasting company behind DSTV, to increase its prices in Nigeria has prompted many consumers to explore alternative options. The move, coming just four months after the last price hike, has sparked outrage online, with social media users expressing dissatisfaction and urging others to seek alternatives.

Kelvin Odanz, tweeting as @MrOdanz, advised Nigerians to look beyond DSTV and explore alternative services, particularly those that offer stable internet connections. He highlighted SLTV as a viable option, emphasizing its affordability and comparable services to DSTV.

SLTV, operated by Metro Digital Limited in Nigeria, has garnered attention for its affordability, offering over 50 HD channels, including 10 sports channels broadcasting live football matches from various leagues. With monthly subscription fees ranging from N5,000 to N2,500, SLTV has emerged as a cost-effective alternative to DSTV.

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Social media users, including A. Ayofe (@abdullahayofel), Maurice Otu (@mrblaaast), and Godgrace (@flourishbidex), have endorsed SLTV as a suitable replacement for DSTV, citing its lower costs and comparable content offerings. Some users even suggested using existing DSTV dishes to operate SLTV, further enhancing its appeal as a cost-saving solution.

Multichoice’s decision to increase prices across its packages, effective from May 1, 2024, has prompted many consumers to reconsider their options and seek more affordable alternatives like SLTV. As the demand for cost-effective viewing options grows, SLTV and similar services may see increased adoption among Nigerian consumers.