Man allegedly rapes goat to death


A viral post on all social media has shown a young man who was alleged to have slept with a she-goat till she died.

The young man who is yet to be identified raped the goat until her strength was lost, which lead to the animal’s death.

An eyewitness at the scene of the incident who pleaded anonymity while narrating what transpired when the young man was caught said.


“I saw him taking the goat into the uncompleted building but I thought he was the owner of the goat, probably taking it there for grazing purposes, but a few minutes later, I overheard the goat screaming out loud”

“After some minutes, the sound of the goat dropped drastically. then I decided to go check what was happening that was when I saw him zipping up, trying to escape as the goat was lifeless on the floor, I had to raise an alarm”

Credit: Facebook/Evang.Mark Godswill

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