Give them more than bread, they need good governance


 A content writer has decried the high level of irresponsible mindset amongst our leaders, this was said as a viral post of a politician sharing bread to the masses surfaced online.

She wrote,

In the bread label, the aspirant asked the constituents to join the success story and shared the bread of not less than a hundred and fifty Nairas with them.


The question now is, what do politicians take the masses as, what is their intention towards the masses, and what are their plans to make things better.

Can we say they see the problems of the masses as that of one hundred and fifty naira bread? or is that the bread of life?

These should stop, politicians should stop seeing the masses as only hungry people who anything can go with, people are hungry no doubt but don’t ridicule them for that.

Do unto these people how you would love to be done unto, will you be happy if you are given a loaf of bread and denied of your right to say the truth or having access to your leaders for four years or beyond.


Stop this act of seeing the masses as hungry men and see them as responsibilities that you should wholeheartedly take up and better them in all ramifications.

Give them more than bread which is good governance and see them buy bread for themselves.

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